& Responsibility

For a future together

We aim to contribute to a fair and sustainable food system that supports a better future for everyone. This is only achievable through perseverance and collaboration throughout the supply chain.

We are committed to making each development more sustainable than the last, benefiting everyone in the value chain. Whether it's reducing emissions, less plastic, fewer artificial flavours, or enabling employees to fulfill more of their potential: step by step, we are working towards improving our impact.

Sustainability Award

We have been awarded a Silver EcoVadis medal! This signifies that we are taking tangible, measurable steps to build a better company by implementing sustainability into our policies and actions across the entire value chain.

Consumer responsibility

We are committed to continuous assurance and improvement of quality

The highest standards of food safety are our norm. The health attributes of our products are always taken into consideration (such as reductions in saturated fats, salt, and sugar content).

Social responsibility

We strive to promote labor conditions and protect human rights

For this, we are constantly in dialogue with our partners and suppliers. We have a strong representation in social matters at our own production facilities.

Environmental responsibility

We contribute to the necessary transitions for the environment and nature

We are committed to contributing to the transitions necessary to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. There is a strong emphasis on reducing the impact of our activities on nature and the environment.

Employee responsibility

We create and maintain a positive, safe working environment

This includes learning and development opportunities for our employees and a strong focus on health, safety, and overall well-being of our workforce. We share our knowledge and inspire employees through the MO Academy.

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Working towards a lower footprint

On various fronts, we are working to reduce our footprint, including in the realm of transportation. Closely aligned with our storage and transport partner, Windhorst Transport, we ensure swift and efficient transport of our raw materials and finished products. This ensures our products reach consumers in the best possible manner, while also saving numerous truck movements.


Tastemaker & Purchase and Logistics Manager

As Purchase & Logistics Manager, Bart is in frequent contact with our suppliers, including the supplier of edamame beans. "There has been a tremendous increase in the use of edamame in recent years, both as a snack and as a meal enhancer. We have certainly noticed this," says Bart. The increase has not only occurred in Europe but also in Asia.

"To ensure availability, we have entered into partnerships with various farmers."

"To ensure availability, we have entered into partnerships with various farmers. In this way, we make the chain at the product level increasingly transparent and always ensure a supply of edamame."

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