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For the development, production and delivery

Business expertisesFor the development, production, and delivery of innovative food solutions for the European market

Customised expertise 

Development of customized private label food concepts

Together with the customer, we develop successful food solutions and food concepts for retail and foodservice customers throughout Europe. We combine our years of international experience with in-depth knowledge of the customer and the consumer. With our extensive range of products, numerous packaging options, and continuous development process, we can deliver perfectly tailored food solutions to our customers.


Bulk expertise

Delivery of snack specialties & ingredients in bulk packaging

Since the establishment of Foodlink in 1991, our core values have always been a combination of building partnerships, secured supply chains, quality, and innovation. This ensures high-quality production and delivery of snack specialties and plant-based ingredients in bulk packaging for the European food industry.


Brand expertise

Development and sale of our own brands


Mitsuba is the premium brand in the Asian snack category, with a wide Asian-inspired snack portfolio. Mitsuba has become an award-winning success and is making significant strides internationally, including in Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Scandinavia.


Menken Orlando collaborates with Bites we love, the brand for guilt-free snacking. Delicious snacks that make you feel good.


Chocolate expertise

Development and delivery of chocolate specialties.

With years of experience in the chocolate industry, we are known for our expertise and skill in chocolate, enabling us to develop the most unique chocolate products together with our customers, both in consumer and bulk packaging. With our approach focused on flexibility, high quality, innovation, and high levels of service, we deliver high-quality products within and beyond European borders.

Choco Support

Taste Awards

The Mitsuba Spicy and Crunchy Thai Chilli Crispies have won the Great Taste Award!

mitsuba great taste

From Source to ConsumerA transparent 'look into the kitchen' at the key pillars of our production and processes

Food & Retail


Most of our ingredients are directly sourced from their country of origin. An exclusive collaboration with our suppliers ensures that we can continuously optimize our product quality and availability. Most products are inspected in the country of origin, imported, and checked again upon receipt before processing.


We operate according to the highest quality standards, with our production facility being BRC and IFS certified. Thanks to an advanced organization of the supply chain, high delivery reliability can also be guaranteed. We continually strive to protect and improve the quality and food safety of our products.


The production lines are highly versatile, resulting in the capability to not only package efficiently but also to bake, mix, and flavour in an efficient and flexible manner.


Within our production facility, various packaging methods are used daily to produce different types of packaging, tailored to the specific preferences of the customer up to wholesale concepts. Examples include pillow bags, block bottom bags, multi-compartment trays, and cups.

Retail & Food service and Consumer

After packaging, the products are delivered to Retail & Food Service customers, then sold to consumers. Through our strong relationships with suppliers, we can consistently work on reducing costs and improving efficiency.

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Tastemaker & Senior Product Manager

As Senior Product Manager, Laura is constantly engaged in the latest food trends and building Menken Orlando's assortment. "We combine trends with consumer and customer needs. This enables us to introduce surprising and innovative concepts to the market, and we enjoy developing them together with our customers," says Laura.

"Every product we introduce to the market is unique."

"Every product we introduce to the market is unique. This can be in terms of packaging, flavour, or raw material. With our extensive range, numerous packaging options, and continuous development process, Menken Orlando can deliver tailor-made concepts to our customers, enriching the lives of our ultimate consumers with products that provide that little extra at any time, as a snack, treat, or meal supplement."