About us
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We are 'tastemakers in food solutions'

Dynamic food industry
We believe that in a dynamic food industry - with constantly changing trends and evolving customer needs - comprehensive knowledge of food trends, supply lines, the right connections, packaging, and quality standards is needed. That’s where we come in!

Innovative food solutions
We have extensive knowledge of the food market and stay closely attuned to the latest food trends. We are constantly evolving and always exploring new opportunities. We work closely with our customers to help them solve their challenges.

Our values



We are ambitious and entrepreneurial, which means we see opportunity everywhere and are not afraid to explore new routes. But we always have a plan, so when we pursue an opportunity, we are thorough, persistent and like to finish the job.

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Since we are part of the trend-sensitive and dynamic market of food, we are always learning about the latest trends, products, and skills. As an organisation we are continuously evolving and inventing new products to stay ahead of the game.



Our customers and partners like to work with us, because we deeply understand their markets and customers. Because we are transparent about what we know. We easily share knowledge about products, food trends, supply chains and production.



We're easily approachable and like to work in teams. Both internally – In cross-disciplinary teams - as well in close collaboration with our customers and external partners. We believe that by working in teams, we are better equipped to solve problems.

Our MO Academy

It is of great value to us to provide development opportunities for Menken Orlando employees and to support this endeavor. With this in mind, a new knowledge platform was established in January 2023: the MO Academy. From the Academy, a program full of trainings and activities is focused on:

1. To share knowledge
2. To inspire
3. To educate

These three elements aim to stimulate growth and personal development while promoting teamwork and empowerment.