Our locations

Menken Orlando has a long history. The real establishment was in 1995 - so in 2025, the company will celebrate its 30th anniversary! Nowadays, we can be found in four different locations: Voorburg, Hazerswoude-Dorp, Leerdam, and Geldermalsen.

Menken Orlando is an open family business, driven, inspiring, and innovative in its approach. Thanks to years of international experience together with our customers, we can solve challenges and develop successful food solutions, from a healthy breakfast to a late-night snack.


Since July 2022, the headquarters of Menken Orlando has been located in the centrally located Voorburg. Situated directly at the train station and the highway, but also easily accessible by bike. At the headquarters in Voorburg, approximately 85 employees work diligently every day to bring the tastiest products to our customers' shelves and to our consumers' tables.


In Hazerswoude-Dorp, our brand new state-of-the-art factory opened its doors in February 2022, consolidating the three former locations under one roof.

This results in increased flexibility and efficiency, saving numerous truck movements. On the roof, 1900 solar panels have been installed, providing 1/3 of the facility's energy needs.

The facility processes our versatile range of Signature Snacks, Whole Foods, and Chocolate Specialties according to the needs of our customers. The production lines are highly versatile, allowing for efficient and flexible baking, mixing, and flavouring.

1900 Solar panels
180 tons of annual emission reduction
98% Palm oil free


In 1999, the production facility in Geldermalsen was built. This production facility meets all desired capacity, production, and quality requirements. Within this location, there is a full focus on producing a wide range of chocolate dragees. With a large variety of many different cores, including nuts, dried fruit, cornflakes, and candy, the tastiest chocolate products are made and brought to market. 

Approximately 30 employees work within the production facility in Geldermalsen.


Given the enormous growth within the factory in Geldermalsen, a new production location was established in Leerdam in 2005. At that time, standard chocolate dragees and sugar-coated dragees with various types of cores were produced here. Later, the assortment of dragees was expanded by also making chocolate clusters. From 2017, another production line was added that is suitable for both coating and producing breakable chocolate.

Over the years, we have invested in sustainable, automated production processes and constantly strive to improve quality. With our extensive experience in the chocolate industry, our factory and its employees are known for their profound knowledge and expertise, making virtually anything possible.

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Tastemaker & Facility Manager

"My role is as diverse as our assortment," says Fred. "One moment, I'm sitting with the environmental service discussing wastewater issues, and the next moment, I'm in contact with the fire department, who wants to visit the premises.

"My first cookbook will be out soon!"

Everything I do is aimed at ensuring that the 'household' we run here runs smoothly and safely. I love flavours and cooking, especially Mediterranean cuisine. My first cookbook will be out soon!"