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3 product ranges enriching every moment with flavor

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Signature Snacks

Snacks that combine taste with tradition, texture, and balance

Asian Snacks
Asian Snacks emphasize fantastic flavor combinations with a compelling story. Following a rich tradition and a complex artisanal process, we bring together the most sensational flavors.

Savoury Specialties
Savoury Specialties focus on combinations of taste and texture. With a mix of different items such as savory pretzels, deliciously seasoned rice crackers, and crunchy nuts, this category offers a wide variety of flavorful products.

Better for You
At Better for You, we focus on the perfect balance between maintaining taste and conscious nutritional value (such as fat, sugar, and salt), allowing you to snack without guilt.

Chocolate Specialties

Nuts, seeds, and dried fruit coated with chocolate

Premium Belgian chocolate in various varieties, such as dark, milk, white, caramel, and yogurt, combined with around 30 different cores: premium nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and other combinations. What’s not to like?

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Whole Foods

Healthy and flavorful enhancers

Consumers are increasingly adding nuts, croutons, fruit, pine nuts, and seeds to their meals. We offer a wide range of such products, from breakfast enhancers to snacks. Meal enhancers such as pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, and croutons are also available. Plenty of opportunities to add more flavors to your day.

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Tastemaker & Product Developer

The role of Product Developer fits Mariska perfectly. With a mind full of innovative ideas, Mariska enriches our assortment with unique products and distinctive flavours. "The inspiration for a new product can vary greatly, sometimes it arises from a customer's request, a market trend, or from a proactive idea," says Mariska.

"When consumers decide whether they like a product, taste is the most important factor."

Prior to the idea, topics such as price, flavor direction, permitted ingredients, and desirable nutritional values ​​need to be clearly defined. "When consumers decide whether they like a product, taste is often the most important factor. Developing new flavors and the right proportions is something that I, along with the team, focus on a lot. In collaboration with various departments, we strive to bring the tastiest products to the consumers’ table."

Mariska Steijlen